RTB+Programmatic Advertising and Media Buying
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RTB+Programmatic Advertising and Media Buying

This solution is our special sauce in how we drive revenue goals for our clients.

We focus on increasing your return on investment, and we focus on driving long-term value to your business!

Real-Time Bidding(RTB)+ Programmatic Advertising and Media Buying is the most precise way to allocate your advertising spend!

Our Intelligent Programmatic Advertising technology allows us to buy targeted media across all channels and platforms!

You can target users with online and offline data!

Our platform is unique and battle tested in all areas! It runs video, social, mobile, and traditional display campaigns- all from one platform!

This solution is a key that can unlock all the other platforms, engines, and places across the internet!

We have the total global internet ad space available; we have micro targeting at scale, and we can drill all the way down and get as granular as possible so that you can reach exactly who you want to reach when and where you want to reach them.

No matter what your goal, if it’s either conversion, engagement, or branding, our Programmatic Advertising platform can be adjusted to accommodate your business strategy.

If your strategy is conversion, this solution drives traffic the fastest and in the most volume, more than any other traffic getting method!

This is how we’re able to offer lead generation as a solution and profitably drive traffic at will!

We have proprietary algorithms and processes that we use to organize, pull together data, and take action on that data.

We can reach you’re entire market, across all channels and devices.

With our RTB and Programmatic Media Buying platform, we have many targeting options at our disposal!

We have the ability to reach 100% of your market, and we have the ability to reach 100% in a very pure way. Meaning we can take the position and not waste money advertising to people who have no interest in the particular offer that you’re running. So that you can reach the right person at the right time.

We’re going to send better targeted traffic to your landing pages- all data driven!

This will increase your conversion! And make your advertising spend much more efficient!

You’re going to convert more with us, and you’re going to pay less to convert more!

We can segment users according to their engagement level and put very specific ads in front of them depending on where they are in your funnel!

You can target based on search starting 3 seconds after they’ve made the search. 

We can return past visitors to different points in your conversion funnel.

This makes all of your marketing 10x more powerful and efficient, and when done correctly, leads to an improved user experience for the consumer!

We want you to receive the highest quality traffic, so that you can convert that traffic into quality leads and sales.

We institute predictive intelligence and machine learning throughout our programmatic media buying technology from optimizing the bids to the Auto Optimization Mode that looks at your data and analytics and sees if your targeting and campaigns are working or not.

It determines whether they are working or not and will constantly take action to improve your campaigns.

It looks at all the data and analytics on a target and site by site level and cuts out all of the bad spend and reallocates those dollars to the more effective sources faster than is humanely possible!

There are multiple strategy modes that can be set.

Programmatic Auto Optimization is great, because it builds a track record, responds and adjusts faster than a human can, and gets better over time, increasing your return on investment and driving long-term value to your business.

In our opinion, this is more powerful than our Lead Generation solution, because with Programmatic Advertising and Media Buying, you are getting 1st party data and building assets pre-conversion.

These are your assets, but we will increase the value of them for you!

If you use this solution, we will increase the value of your digital assets!

This is our fastest growing solution.

And the reason our solution is growing like it is, is because there is now a more precise way for you to spend your advertising spend, and to be able to take all those dollars that you were wasting before and to be able to reallocate them to profitable areas and then scale them, thus increasing your return on ad spend and return on investment overall…

This is what we do everyday! We are a media buying factory!

We have unlimited data-driven traffic! And we test and adjust in real-time.

Across the board we already know what you’re tired of! You’re tired of annoying, buggy software with no developments, no updates, or worse, bad developments and bad updates, downtime, services with inconsistent reliability that don’t work as well as stated, and vendors and platforms with slow response and bad support, who only seem to be interested in collecting their fees and don’t seem to care about the performance of your business.

Well, if you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about these things again!

We have the skills, specialized teams, resources, technology, expertise, and experience to truly make a difference in your business!

We innovate in the market and share those developments with our clients. We also have special relationships with publishers!

We work hard to get our clients the best pricing on placements and impressions! And we will work hard for you!

But we’re not trying to just sell you a bunch of impressions. When you become one of our clients, We are truly committed to the success of your business!

Everyday we set out to try and achieve the highest return on investment possible and drive long term value to your business.

We are going to optimize all of your campaigns and increase the value of your digital assets!

We will work on and put human capital into your campaigns 24 hours a day!

As high volume media buyers, we have the experience of having managed thousands of campaigns in a multitude of various verticals.

We regularly optimize both direct response and branding campaigns!

We can drive and convert traffic for any companies’ products and services!

And we can do this anywhere in the world!

Are you tired of paying expensive, high markup prices for impressions?

Most don’t realize that they are.

We will save you a ton of money from all of the inefficiencies in optimization, fraud, abuse, high traffic markup, and technical limitations that are rampant in the industry.

We negotiate the best terms for our clients that do direct media buys.

And we will negotiate the best terms for you!

No where else will you find a team more committed to delivering you actual results.

We are your competitive advantage!

We truly understand and are experts at conversion, and we are confident in running the ROI of this solution against anything!

You could buy all of your traffic from here!

Many Do!

Time is especially important in the day of machine learning and Programmatic Auto Optimization, where the earlier that you get started the better.

If you’re not working with us, then you’re missing out on the party!

We are selling a competitive advantage to select companies!

You should get your place before your competitors do! 🙂

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