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Call Tracking

Using call tracking technology to optimize your current marketing and sales campaigns is the easiest way to increase sales by 20-30% in just 30 days!

There is a 3 step process that we use to achieve these type of results.

And we really apply this to everything!

They are

1. Measure

2. Analyze

3. Optimize


To know whether you’re improving or declining, you have to measure to see where you currently are!

You can’t improve that which you don’t measure! So we use our call tracking technology to measure and analyze the results of what happens on calls!

With this technology, not only do you have the ability to track the effectiveness of your individual ads with analytics and reporting, but you also have the option of recording all the calls!

Within the platform, you can instantly provision tracking phone numbers for marketing purposes! You can add different numbers to different ad campaigns in order to track results!

You have the flexibility to easily assign tracking numbers to each marketing channel like Google, YouTube, Facebook, print ads, and billboards!

There are 4 questions that we ask each of our clients.

1. Are you getting the most out of your marketing?

2. What’s your average conversion rate on the phone?

3. Do you have a proven sales script?

And 4. Does everyone that answers the phone use it?

A response that we often hear after asking the fourth question is,

“Well, I don’t know.”

Question: How would a business owner know and be sure that everyone that answers the phone uses the proven sales script?

The answer: call tracking!

Some other questions that you will want to know the answer to in order to improve your return on investment are-

5. Which advertising channels do you get the most conversions and sales from?

6. How many do you get from each individual channel-offline, online- Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, print ads, billboards?

7. How effective are these individual ads?

8. Which of these advertising channels give you the most sales and conversions?

9. Which of these advertising channels don’t give you any sales or converions?

Question: How would you know?

The answer: call tracking!

You can identify and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

You can record phone calls

You can easily generate call reports

And you can see a complete history of calls including duration and location

Phone calls are almost 10x more likely to purchase than someone who fills out an online form!

In fact, the average phone order value increases 2x that of online!

Despite this, call tracking and call recording analysis and analytics are generally overlooked practices in most businesses.

There are many reasons for this, but what’s important is what’s lost if you don’t do these practices.

We have analyzed thousands of calls and found that 20% of calls were missed and 15% weren’t handled properly.

That’s a total of 35% of calls that have a 0% chance of conversion!

That’s a significant amount of business to be fumbling and possibly losing from the outset!

The best approach would be to improve, make changes, and turn around that 35%!

But you can’t improve that which you don’t measure!

Call tracking will tell you which of your advertising is bringing in which leads!

And it makes apparent what ads are performing best!

If you don’t use call tracking technology to track phone calls, then it will be difficult to tell which of your advertising is bringing in which leads, what advertising is bringing in the most leads, and which advertising isn’t bringing in any leads. So that you, as the business owner, can optimize and cut off spending on advertising that’s isn’t working, and you can then invest that capital into advertising that is working!

And if you want to test out another advertising source, you can easily do that and track the results of that advertising! You can purchase local and toll-free numbers right in the platform!

It’s way more effective to use call tracking and call tracking numbers in your ads to track the effectiveness of your ads than just “going naked. “

As the business owner, are you always aware of what happens on the phone?

Are you able to see or hear the first contact with customers?

Well, now you can! You can record all the calls!

Its too important not too!

When you record these calls, there is a lot that you can learn from listening!

Cutting ad dollars from sources where you’re not getting a return and reallocating those dollars to the more effective sources, is one strategy that we use to increase businesses’ return on investment.

When we introduce this to businesses, most have never heard of it, or how convenient it can be!

Some that have heard about call tracking often assume that to out fit such a task would be extremely costly and expensive.

Others had thought about wanting to track the results of their ad campaigns but didn’t know that such a solution existed.

And most just weren’t aware of call tracking and it benefits.

Well we have the best solution for call tracking, and it is very affordable for all businesses!

Call tracking numbers are generally $3 per number per month and .03 per minute.

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